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On moving day, it’s important to understand what exactly your rights are as a tenant or homeowner, and what responsibilities you have compared to the moving company you choose to work with on the big day. For consumers, there’s a resource published each year by the Federal Motor Carrier & Safety Administration. It’s written to inform you, the mover, what to expect from us, a moving company, on moving day. It’s also meant to help the moving process go smoothly and mitigate any disagreements or miscommunications between parties. At American Moving, it’s our job to give you the highest quality service in an efficient and cost-saving manner. We take pride in our reputation of professionalism and honesty, and pointing consumers to resources like that of the FMCSA booklet is all part of doing business and thriving in our industry. In fact, it’s the law to provide you with these resources throughout the moving process.

When you’re ready to pack up and move out, contracting with a moving company as American Moving requires us to offer written estimates to you about our services, pricing, and time frame. Now, these estimates can be binding if we’d like them to be, and it’s advantageous to offer these because inaccuracies and underestimations can occur for estimates that are non-binding. Any documents sent to you by American Moving should be complete, and if they are not, they must be verified with our company immediately before any party signs them or uses them to direct action. We’ll be sure to provide accurate documentation and measurement on all potential loads and services both on and leading up to moving day, as well as any charges incurred in the process.

As the customer, you are allowed to reserve exclusive and guaranteed dates of service. These cannot be changed by the mover without notice or written documentation, and all transactions and services must be properly insured. You may be present when any loads are weighed to promote transparency and can request a load to be weighed.

Be sure to check in with our crew at American Moving regarding acceptable payment options, and any damage claims must be filed as soon as possible after the move. It’s important to shop around for estimates, but we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the quality and amount of service our prices can afford.

Ready for moving day? Call American Moving to schedule an estimate or moving appointment.

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