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American Moving & Storage is committed to delivering safe, reliable, professional moving services. Due to the rise of COVID-19 cases and public health concerns we are following the guidance of officials and implementing the following best practices to protect the health of our Team Members and our Customers.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • VIRTUAL VIDEO SURVEY: If you are concerned about exposure to other people but a visual assessment is important to plan your move, we offer different options for a Virtual Video Survey of your home or office.
  • PRE-MOVE CUSTOMER WELLNESS CHECK: Our Move Coordinator will contact Customers in advance of our Movers arrival to inquire if Customer feels ill, or suspects he/she may have had contact with an infected person. Moving Services may be cancelled or postponed at the discretion of our company in order to mitigate risk and ensure safety of our Movers and Customers.
  • PRE-MOVE MOVER WELLNESS CHECK: Any Team Member who feels uncomfortable coming in to our office or warehouse, feels ill, or suspects he/she may have had contact with an infected person should not come in and must notify his/her supervisor at the earliest opportunity. We will make every effort to substitute another Mover but this may not be possible on short notice. This may impact the time it takes to complete a move. Rates will be adjusted accordingly if fewer mover(s) are dispatched.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: We have always valued the professionalism and respect that an introductory handshake creates but in the interest of public health must refrain from all avoidable physical contact. Upon arrival to our Customer’s home or office, Movers and Moving Consultants will be practicing Social Distancing and working to maintain 6’ of space between them and customers. We ask that customers please help by opening doors and
    cabinets whenever possible.
  • INCREASED CLEANING: We have increased the frequency of using anti-viral cleaning products at our office and interior cab of our Moving Trucks. We are focusing on frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, steering wheels, work surfaces, bathrooms.
  • USE OF NITRILE(exam) GLOVES: When supplies and conditions allow, Movers will wear gloves while performing moving services as an additional hygiene measure and self-protection. Gloves will be discarded after each move. Availability of supplies may limit frequency of use.
  • OPEN DOORWAYS AND WINDOWS WHEN AVAILABLE: Whenever possible, please open outside doors and windows to increase air circulation.
  • LIMITED LIABILITY FOR GOVERNMENT RESTRICTIONS: Federal and Local Governments are continuously evolving measures to limit the spread of the virus. Such measures may impact our ability to provide services to our customers (including but not limited to us having to suspend or cancel in full the services). In the event that the circumstances of the virus affects our ability to fulfill your move we will not be in a position to accept any liability for losses that may arise and we limit our liability accordingly. We will continuously review guidelines and will ensure that all customers are advised of any developments that may affect fulfillment of scheduled services.