How To Move Your Houseplants

Relocation projects are surely exciting, but in most cases, they are also very stressful, for everyone involved, houseplants included. Loading your potted plants into the cargo truck might seem simple and easy, but the hours that your precious plants spend in the dark can be really harmful for them. Fortunately, with a few easy measures [...]

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Can You Reuse or Recycle Moving Boxes?

When you are done moving, when you have unpacked all the boxes and bags that you used for the moving process and your new place is neat and orderly, you are surely wondering what to do with your moving boxes. Many of them are probably in good condition, still useful, offering sturdiness and safety for [...]

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Bubble Wrap or Dish Pack?

Bubble wraps and dish packs are two of the safest, most impact resistant packaging supplies – bubble wraps are a type of foil that has small, air-filled blisters that absorb any shock or blow sustained by your package, while dish packs are boxes made from special, reinforced, impact-resistant cardboard to protect even the most fragile [...]

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Tips to Keep Your Pets Calm During Your Move

Even if moving to another home with your pet is an exciting perspective for you, the pet is not very happy, you can be sure about this. By relocating, pets lose their normal environment, their territory and the common landmarks. In time, they adapted to the respective place and strictly delimited their space marking all [...]

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Moving on a Budget

Moving on a budget Moving can sometimes be expensive. The American Moving and Storage Association estimates that 4 Bed room home local moves cost an average of $1500 - $2,300 with interstate moves costing nearly double. Our friends at Simple Dollar have written a great guide on how to save some dough and get to your [...]

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Moving Checklist

Your Home Moving Checklist Here is a comprehensive moving checklist to help ensure your stress-free move. We all know moving can be stressful especially when it means moving long-distance or international. We want to help you prepare so that your experience is a safe, successful move, especially with professional movers. Moving checklist infographic This relocation [...]

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Senior Moving Service

Senior Moving Service Moving to a new home can be both physically challenging and emotionally difficult. That's why we have our senior moving service. Whether you or a loved one is moving, you’ll find that American Moving, Interstate agent of Bekins offers a comprehensive range of senior moving services designed to ensure your move remains [...]

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