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Lift With the Knees, Self-Care during the Move

Our mission at American Moving is to make your big move memorable in its ease, simplicity, and efficiency. But even with our services, there’s still a fair bit of heavy lifting involved in packing up the life you’ve built and taking it somewhere brand new.

When packing, unpacking, and arranging your brand new space long after our movers are gone, it’s important to practice the tried-and-true self-care tips to take care of your body and stress levels over the course of the moving process.

Breathe Easy

First, be sure to regularly stretch your body and practice steady breathing when lifting and moving heavy or cumbersome items. Holding your breath while lifting not only limits all-important oxygen in the muscles working the hardest but also increases the likelihood of injury. Whether you practice yoga or a simple runner’s stretch, taking time to lengthen and listen to those muscles will also effectively prevent strains, sprains, pulls, or painful nerve tweaks. Your body works hard, so be sure to take care of it, and let American Moving do the heavy lifting on the big day.

More, Planning, Less Stress

At American Movers, we know all too well the stresses of moving day. It’s easy to procrastinate packing and avoid planning ahead for a move, especially when you’ve spent years filling your home with a lifetime’s worth of memories and important items. But the only thing that’s more stressful than moving those items in a day or two is moving them without the guarantee they’re packed correctly and safely for moving day. At American Moving, we’re happy to help with this and supply all-important supplies for your move to run as smoothly as possible. We make it a priority to complete the job, free of damages, mishaps, and injuries for all people and items involved. We’re professionals, after all, and our experience in the Denver area puts us a cut above the rest. We’ll offer the peace of mind that weeks of extensive planning can, but if you’d prefer to take the pre-move preparation on yourself, don’t leave it all to the last minute. After all, your mind needs as much care and relaxation as your body.

Finally, take care of your stress by taking care of your budget ahead of moving day with American Moving. Our services are efficient, friendly, professional, and competitive. We’re on a mission to give our customers the biggest ‘bang’ for their buck and offer an incredible service in the process. Ask around – we have a reputation of excellence in our business and pride ourselves on maintaining these promises to our Denver-area clients. Our services are sure to satisfy and meet your needs.

Take care of your body, mind, and wallet by investing in our services and letting our moving experts make your big day a breeze.

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