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Safety Tips for Moving in Winter Weather

moving in winter weather

Moving to Colorado during the winter can mean moving in various types of winter weather conditions. However, when you are moving in winter weather in Colorado, you could be dealing with snow, rain, and some chilly temperatures. The key to moving during winter weather is to remember safety! You want to ensure that you are getting your home or business moved, but you also want to make sure that everyone is being safe while doing this.

5 Tips for Moving in Winter Weather

When you are moving to Colorado during winter weather, be sure to keep these five tips in mind to ensure safety!

Dress for the weather!

During colder temperatures, you need to make sure that you are bundled up to handle this temperature. But, you should also make sure that you are wearing the right footwear. While the pros may be moving your items out of your home/business into the truck, you will more than likely still be going outdoors at some point. Be sure that you are dressing with the weather in mind. Layers are the key to comfort!

Make sure that the walkways at your home or business are clear of snow and ice

Falls can happen at any time, but when snow and ice become involved the chances of having a slip and fall are increased. Before your movers arrive at your home or business try to clear off the sidewalk as much as you can. You may want to consider scrapping this and laying down some sidewalk salt to ensure that it is safe.

Keep checking the weather

Don’t be surprised by certain weather conditions while you are packing and gearing up for a move. Be sure that you are checking the forecast several days leading up to your move. Remember, in blizzard-like conditions, movers may need to postpone and reschedule the move if it becomes dangerous for the crew.

Have old towels to throw down onto the floors

When you come into a warmer building after trampling through the snow, what do you deal with? You deal with water, mud, and ice falling onto the floors! We recommend that you put down some old towels to ensure that this water is caught it also helps to keep it safe to walk through the entryway without the risk of falling from a slick floor.

Have a hot beverage on hand

It may be cold and snowing outside, but you will find that having some hot beverages on hand can be a great way to warm up and take a break while moving. For example, take a slow cooker and make a batch of hot apple cider that you can dip into throughout the door for a quick warm-up.

Moving in Colorado? We Are Here to Help

For those who are thinking about a winter move, know that by working with the right professionals you know that this is going to be a safe move that you don’t have to worry about. American Moving is here for those moving in Colorado and even those who may be moving to an entirely new state. We are the professionals to call when dealing with a move during winter weather or any other time of the year. Contact us and request a quote today!

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