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Tips for Finding A Mover During the Busy Season

Did You Know Moving Companies Have Busy Seasons

The peak period in the moving industry is usually between June and August – that’s when the weather is nice, the days are long and the road conditions are favourable. While finding movers in winter, spring and fall is fairly easy, if you need movers in the summer, you will need a strategic approach – here are some tips:

  • Start early – be prepared to be refused by several movers before you find one of the best moving companies in Denver that can accommodate your order. Start with a little online research to find moving companies in your area, then check their reputation on online review sites and narrow your list to the ones that seem reliable;
  • Start calling movers – contact the companies on your list and schedule your move. Be prepared that you will need to make quite many phone calls;
  • Be flexible about the date – try to determine a period that will suit you, rather than one specific day for your move. If the mover you are talking to is not available for the best day in the acceptable period, ask them to tell you when they are available and decide whether their availability fits into your moving schedule without ruining your plans in any way.

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