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Will My Mover Move Our Yard Equipment and Tools?

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Every moving company has its own list of items that are not allowed on their trucks. Many moving companies will not include yard equipment and tools on their list of non-allowable specifically, but all movers are very specific about refusing to transport items that are potentially harmful to their trucks and personnel. Here are the categories of items that are usually not loaded on moving trucks:

  • Hazardous materials – car batteries, household chemicals and toxic substances, such as bleach, oil, fuel or paint, pesticides and insecticides, pool sanitation and pool cleaning chemicals, charcoal and other flammable materials are not transported in cargo trucks. If any of these materials and components are part of your yard equipment inventory, they will be refused from loading;
  • Vehicles – motorized lawnmowers are considered to be vehicles by most movers, so they usually transport such machines separately, among special conditions and with all the fluids drained from their respective tanks;
  • Garden tools – though most of them can cut and cause damage, most movers are willing to pack them if they are suitably and safely packed and the protection of the other items in the cargo space can be ensured.

To find out exactly about the items your local moving company in Denver area will move or not move, ask for a detailed list at least a couple of weeks before the day of your move.

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