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Why Full Time Movers Are Better than Contractors

If you are gearing up for a move, you are going to find that there are tons of services out there to help with this move. One of the biggest decisions to make is whether to hire full-time movers or hire a contractor? The best option is full-time movers.

Why Full Time Movers Are Better?

You will find that there are several contractors out there that offer tons of services, including moving. They may state that they do it all from packing and moving to installing a new floor in your home or even painting a home. But, do you want someone who states that they can do your move, or work with professional movers that are moving experts?

With professional movers here at American Moving, you are going to get:

  1. A dedicated person to handle the entire move, even when you call for a quote, someone will be assigned to your file to ensure that everything is handled as it should be.
  2. A certain number of movers will be sent on the day of your move to ensure that this move gets handled in a timely manner. The number of movers will be based on the size of your move.
  3. We are insured and licensed to move people in and around the state of Colorado, outside the state and even handle overseas moves.
  4. We have years of experience in moving residential and commercial properties with amazing ratings from those who have worked with us.
  5. We have all the equipment to move your items with thought, ease, and professionalism.

All of these aspects add up to full-time movers being the better option for your move when compared to contractors who may not have the years of experience or the licensing and insurance that is needed.

What Could Happen By Choosing Contractors?

There are several things that could happen to your move if you decide to go with a contractor or through those websites that offer helpers for a day when it comes to moving. One of the biggest drawbacks is the amount that you have spent on this moving helper. You will find that when you add in the cost of renting your own tools to help with a move, the truck, and then paying the contractor, it would have been cheaper to choose full-time movers. Secondly, if you find that items are damaged by this contractor, chances are the damage is on you.

If you are serious about moving soon and want the professionals to handle this move to make it easier and safer, then you need to call us here at American Moving. Whether you are moving down the street or several states away, we have the professionals to handle it!

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