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What Is The Best Way To Organize Your Belongings When Packing And Moving

The organization of the move should start a few weeks before the big event and especially before the Denver Movers arrive. This way, you will have enough time to plan the steps and sort things out.

When you start organizing your belongings, be prepared to recycle or donate some of them. This is the moment of the decisions you have avoided so far: will you still keep those chipped plates, the clothes you no longer wear, the high school notebooks, and the blankets you already got bored of? Well, you can keep them, of course, if you are willing to pay for their transport and also if you are sure that there is enough room to store them in your new home. Otherwise, it is time to donate or recycle them.

Pack the things you can live without for a few weeks (at least!) before the actual move: off-season clothes, books, decorations, festive tableware, etc. You can easily transport them by car to the new location, every time you make a trip there. Do not forget to label each box, even if you still do not feel overwhelmed and you think you can handle it without writing all the details on the packaging. Things will surely get more hectic later and it is good to stay organized.

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