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What is an Insured Mover?

Fully Insured American Moving

Hiring a moving company that is not only insured but also offers insurance for your planned relocation is the best way to ensure that you will be compensated in case your belongings are lost or damaged while they are in the care of your moving company. Here are a few things that you should know about these insurance-related aspects:

  • An important difference in meaning – every moving company that operates legally must be insured, but that only means that you will be compensated a very small amount if your items are lost or damaged, the standard amount being 60 cents per pound of damaged or lost item. The best, most reliable movers offer another option, too: insurance for client’s belongings through full-valuation insurance. This type of insurance covers the full value or the costs of repair in case your belongings get lost or are ruined during the transport;
  • How to find out what type of coverage is used by your relocation company – if you book your movers online, the company’s website probably has a page on which the company’s credentials, including the type of insurance coverage they offer. If you hire the mover personally, you should ask to be shown a copy of the company’s insurance certificate and take the time to read it, too, or take a look at their website like American Moving & Storage to find out insurance specifics.

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