Seniors Movers Help

Whether you will be moving to a new home that is similar in size to your current home, you will be downsizing or moving to an assisted living facility, the moving process will require you to make lots of decisions and arrangements. Here are some tips to make it all easier:

  • Start planning early – get a blueprint or a sketch of your new place and figure out how you will furnish and organize your space. Measure each of your major furnishing items to be moved ad figure out the items that will not move with you to your new place;
  • Sort your items and get rid of anything that you don’t need – this is perhaps the hardest task, but essential for the comfort of your new place. Get rid of anything that you have not used in a long time as well as of items that are broken;
  • Make lists – get boxes and other types of storage containers and note their contents on a list attached to the container. The method will help you identify items in your new location and will make the unpacking easier;
  • Ask for help – you don’t have to do it all alone, your family and friends will surely be able and happy to help with the packing and the planning, and lastly hire local movers Denver has to do the heavy lifting.