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Tips for Preparing for Your Upcoming Spring Move

movers tips preparing for spring move

Spring is the best time for many things, moving included – the weather is stable and warm, but not too hot, the road conditions are great for moving even on long distances and you don’t have to do all the packing inside. However, spring moves require preparations that are just as thorough as in other seasons – here is how to do it right:

  • Get rid of the clutter – whether you move in spring or in a different season, you should not move items that are no longer functional or needed. Start decluttering at least three or four weeks before the planned date of your move and work your way through your belongings systematically, one room at a time, creating a pile for broken or damaged items that need to be tossed, a pile for items that are functional and can be donated and a pile for the items that will accompany you to your new home;
  • Get enough supplies – you will need cardboard boxes of various sizes, plastic bags, labels, markers, string, tape, large sheets of foil for protecting your furniture and larger appliances;
  • Develop a system – you can either move from room to room, working to pack the items in one room on one day and moving on to the next room tomorrow or you can pack by types of items, such as clothes on one day, appliances on the next.  Be sure to schedule way in advance movers Denver, CO has to help with the move, it will make it so much easier to not have to strain your muscles lifting heavy furniture items.

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