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Tips For Decluttering Before Your Upcoming Move

Moving Company Tips To Declutter Prior To Move

Moving to a new place is exciting, but the process is not simple, if only you think about all the stuff that needs to be packed carefully, loaded into a truck, moved to the new location, and unpacked.

To make your life easier in the moving process, you should declutter first. This operation will help you downsize your home and reduce the number of boxes that need to be transported to the new location and save some money (fewer boxes require a smaller truck and take less time to be loaded/unloaded).

If you plan to declutter before your upcoming move, start early, even with several weeks before, to have time to do this operation thoroughly. Do not do an entire room at once, as it might be energy-draining and overwhelming; try instead to focus on one area at a time (the closet, bathroom cabinets, etc.), which will make your progress more visible and keep your motivation alive.

Before starting the decluttering process in one area of your home, bring everything you need right there: boxes, labels, a shredder, etc. Look carefully at all your items and ask yourself seriously if you love them enough to pack them and take them with you to the new location. The best advice is to give up those things you never use. Donate them or have a garage sale.  The de-cluttering timeframe is also a great time to pin down a mover, call ahead to places like American Moving & Storage and get on their schedule.

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