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Patching Up-Tips and Tricks to Get Ready for Move-Out

It’s a common scenario. 

It’s almost time for moving day, and everything’s packed up. You’ve walked through and designated which boxes are headed where, and how much time you’ll need to make the move happen. You’ve hired help like our crew at American Movers or borrowed a friend’s truck to make it happen. 

But when everything’s picked up, packed, and off the walls, a few lingering tasks remain. 

If you’re a renter, the cleaning checklist has only just begun. From dusting to vacuuming to patching and painting holes and scratches, making your home or apartment move-out ready often clouds the light at the end of the tunnel in the moving process. But, some easy rules to follow in these situations can save you a headache and help you earn a few more deposit dollars back.

Get Proof

From the day you move into the second you move out, keep track of your home’s condition with photos. Take wide pictures of each room and more detailed photos of appliances, flooring cracks or stains upon move in and document any changes in condition while you’re living there. This way you’ll not only have proof of what you did (or did not) damage, and a running photo-list of projects to complete leading up to moving day.

Ask your landlord for paint

This is often left out of lease agreements, but it’s acceptable and smart to inquire about any extra paint available that matches the walls of your home or apartment. Oftentimes, landlords will hire a crew to repaint spaces after tenants move out, and they might just have the exact color you need to paint over that patched hole or scratch on hand at the leasing office. It never hurts to ask, and doing these repairs yourself can easily save a deduction or two from your security deposit. Plus, doing it yourself will always cost less than the labor charged for others to do it after move-out.

Leave what you can’t fix 

One major project that might not be worth the effort is the carpet. Despite all the vacuuming and steam cleaning in the world, a landlord will most likely invest in professional carpet cleaning or even replacement when taking on a new tenant. Unless you’ve caused a large stain that needs attention or significant damage to carpeting, this project is most likely not worth the time and effort. It’ll get deducted from your deposit anyway. And it’s common for landlords to charge tenants up-front for carpet cleaning, whether it’s at the start or end of your lease agreement.

Dust and Clean Regularly

This tip often goes without saying, but the more often you deep-clean your space while you live there, the easier it will be to spruce up before you move out. Taking care of your space is important as a homeowner and renter, since a clean home is a valuable one, and a happy landlord is a good rental reference when looking for new housing in the future.

When moving day finally comes, we guarantee you’ll want American Moving by your side. Call us today to schedule a service or get a quote for your moving needs.

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