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Packing Tips: Valuable Items

Packing Tips

If it’s not your first move around the block, you’re probably in on the secrets to moving delicate items and precious valuable. But because it’s so important to protect your most important items, heirloom, high-cost, or otherwise, make sure you understand the available insurance protections out there, common packing tips, and how to communicate valuables effectively to your movers.


First, check out available insurance on the market for your items that need it. We do handle this type of insurance, and it’s possible to buy policies that protect your items in transit, in storage, and in your current home on moving day. If you’re renting, your renter’s insurance policy will often cover any damages incurred during moving day as long as it’s left activated through the move. If you’re planning on putting some items in storage, then talk to the site manager about insurance coverage options for your items as they hang out on that site. Last, coverage for a big move might just be a click away.


Everyone knows you have to wrap your valuables, but not everyone knows how. clean, non-printed newspapers can be purchased from American Moving. Packing peanuts are also still very popular when it comes to moving more delicate items, but most opt for wrapping each individual item with clean newsprint paper before packing. Be sure to provide a layer on all sides of glass items like tall cups, beer and wine glasses and other figurines. Another life-hack tip before moving is that if you subscribe to any popular food delivery services like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, begin to save their packing materials as you near your move. Oftentimes, those services will include ribbed paper or covered pads to keep food safe and cold, and those can easily be repurposed to protect your dishware and other valuable items when moving day finally comes.


Our teams at American Moving are here to help you and make moving day as easy and stress-free as possible. If you’d like us to pay particular attention to an item, be sure to clearly label that item as high-priority and then reiterate your instructions verbally to us. This way, we can take special care in how and where we move that item out of your old house and into the new one.

Find out more moving tips and get a quote from American Moving by giving us a quick call today.

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