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Packing up your entire household and moving all that stuff to a new place doesn’t have to be a stressful experience – here are some tips to make the process easier:

  • Declutter first – any moving process should start with decluttering. Start at least a month before the date of the move – go from room to room and sort through your belongings, evaluating them in terms of usability. Toss whatever is broken, torn and unusable, make a separate pile for the items that still work and are suitable for being sold or donated and another for the items that will go with you to your new place;
  • Make a plan and stick to it – packing your items is not the only task that you need to handle. Prepare a list and schedule a timeline for the other tasks, such as moving utilities, announcing your doctors and your bank about your move;
  • Hire the best movers – take your time to evaluate local moving companies Denver has in terms of fees and service quality. Take a look at the additional services offered, such as packing and consider hiring a full-service company;
  • Find solutions for your plants and pets – moving companies don’t transport pets and plants, so you will need to find a safe and comfortable solution for your animals and greens.