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Moving Tips For First-Time Home Buyers

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The moving process for first-time home buyers is harder than you expect it to be, so you probably wouldn’t mind having access to a few tips.

  • If you think that packing takes one day, think again! It actually extends to at least 3 intense days, in which you pack things in boxes and little boxes, in bags and little bags.
  • If you have only one day to move all the furniture and boxes full with your belongings, you need a moving company to handle everything in an organized manner. Otherwise, you will be completely overwhelmed, tired and strained. Contact a moving company in advance and schedule your move.
  • If you think you can remember what’s in each box, without writing labels, you are wrong again and you will be sorry, when you unpack, that you didn`t at least write with a marker on each box, information on their content. Make sure you purchase boxes of various sizes plus scotch tape, strand, labels, scissors, protective wrapping foil and bags of all sizes.
  • Sort things out as you put them in boxes. You will work harder, but it is not the case to take with you each shell, magnet or Kinder egg surprise that reminds you of something. Leave useless things aside.
  • Do not plan a home warming party in the first days after the move. You will be so tired that the thought of drinking beer among the boxes and unpacked bags will not make you comfortable at all.  To keep from being to exhausted with your move, hire movers from American Moving & Storage to do the heavy work and moving of big furniture.

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