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Keeping Your House Plants Safe On Moving Day | Denver, Boulder, Vail Colorado

Denver may not be the best place to grow large, luscious, tropical plants outdoors, but our reputation for sunshine can make the great ‘indoors’ a fantastic space to raise house plants and foster terrariums. But if you’re getting ready to move across town or across the country this winter season, keeping those plants safe during the move itself can be a challenge. At American Moving, our job is not just to make sure your furniture, personal items, and electronics make it to your new home safely. We’re also responsible for the things you’ve spent time nurturing and feel attached to. Our reputation as one of the best and most reliable Denver-area moving company comes from our commitment to meeting our customer’s needs and investing our energy into keeping you and your belongings comfortable and stress-free during your big move, all for a cost that can compete with anyone in town. To help us help you, here are a few tips for maintaining healthy plants before, during, and after moving day in the wintry Colorado weather.

The biggest piece of advice to take away from this blog post is to understand that your house plants cannot endure excessive amounts of exposure to cold. They are delicate, and thought they’d appreciate the sunlight and fresh air associated with leaving the house, they are also unlikely to respond well to any temperature below a balmy 65 degrees. When trips are less than 200 miles, risking the life of your plant is not as big of an issue, as they’ll only be stored and lack sunlight for up to a full 24 hours, and even that amount of dormant activity can be avoided. If you believe your plants will not make the trip to your new home, think about making room in your own vehicle for them rather than putting them in the load your movers are carrying on moving day. When transporting them, be sure to do it quickly and efficiently, as plants should be the last things out of the old place and the first things set up in your new home.

To be sure your plants are not damaged in the move, be sure to report your plants into plastic containers two to three weeks before moving day. This will assure that their soil base will stay intact and will not crack or break during the move itself. Conservatively water your plants just before moving, as too much water can cause moisture in the soil to freeze in cold temperatures, which will kill the plant within weeks. Heat your vehicle to a favorable temperature before loading your plants, and take care to keep it there during the drive.

Our expert movers at American Moving are dedicated to maintaining our spotless customer satisfaction record by giving extra care to the items you love most. If you’re moving this winter season, let our crews help guide you through the process and make it a stress-free transition to a new and better home for you and your family.

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