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How to Pack Books for Moving

While many people use e-readers and their phones for their book collection, there are still many people who have physical books. They may be copies of their old favorites, textbooks, or they simply may have tons of books because they love the feel of a physical book in their hands. However, many books you have, how to pack books for moving is something that you should know. It is a bit more complex than simply stacking these books into a box and hoping for the best.

How to Pack Books for Moving: The Steps

When it comes to moving with books, it can be complex. After all, these can easily become one of the heaviest household items that you are packing. For that reason, you will need to follow these steps to do this right and ensure that your books are not damaged in the moving process!

1. When was the last time that you thinned your collection?

This is not a requirement but is always a good idea to consider. Remember, when moving, one of the first steps that almost any professional is going to recommend is to go through your belongings and declutter. You will want to do this for your book collection. Donate those duplicate copies or give them to someone who you know will love to read this book. If you have old textbooks that you no longer need, consider selling this back, especially if they are still being used in courses.

2. The right boxes are a must-have!

Next, you need to make sure that you are getting the right boxes. When it comes to books, you want to stick with medium-sized boxes to avoid having these weigh so much. You will want to ensure that these boxes have not been damp at any point, as this can affect the integrity of the box, which is something to avoid because of the weight of books.

3. Get the boxes prepared for packing.

Make sure that you seal the bottom of the box with a double layer of tape on the seams to make these sturdier to handle these books. Tip: Be sure that you are running the tap to at least the middle of the side of the box, and use good packing tape!

4. Pack hardcover books first.

You can place the books into the box standing upright, with the spine against the box’s side, just like you would place these onto a shelf when dealing with hardcover books. Make sure that you are fitting these in snugly from one side to the other. If there is space, pack in something to cushion and tighten the entire box, like a towel from the bathroom.

5. Pack softcover books next.

Paperback or softcover books can be packed in flat stacks if you have several. Or you can place them on the spine first. Never place these into the box with the paper edges face down as this will cause the books to bend.

6. Secure the boxes.

Make sure that any remaining space in the boxes is filled. As mentioned beforehand, you can place towels into these, or even wadded-up packing paper. Books can easily shift when boxes are moved, so be sure that you prevent this. Tape the box shut, running the tape down to at least midway on the side of the box. Be sure to label this box as books so that your professional moving crew can pack these in the truck where they get the most support.

Moving With Books: Extra Tips

Taking your time when packing these books up will ensure that you are going to get to your new location with your books just as if they were taken off the bookshelf. With this being said, here are some extra tips that may help with moving with books:

  • If these books are going to be in storage for a long period of time, then be sure the books are clean and that they are being stored in a storage facility that is climate controlled to ensure that they will not turn yellow.
  • For books that are of high value, you may find that wrapping these in acid-free paper can help protect them even more.
  • Keep your boxes at 50 pounds or less to avoid the boxes tearing and the books from becoming damaged.

Don’t forget if you are running low on time, you can have professionals packers & movers come in and pack your belongings for you. And they will also take the time to ensure that your personal library is packed as it should be. American Moving & Storage is here for all your professional packing, moving, and storage needs and we offer free quotes to help you get started!

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