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How Much Does It Cost To Move?

One of the first questions that people wonder about when they are getting ready to move is how much does it cost to move? The cost of a move is going to vary from move to move, depending upon several aspects.

What Determines the Cost of a Move

There are several aspects that can affect the cost of the move. These aspects include:

  • The distance that is being traveled. Long distance moves are going to cost much more than if you were to be moving within the local area.
  • The size of the home that is being moved, as a larger home often means more weight which is going to cost more.
  • The time of year that you are moving. Prime moving seasons like spring and summer are often more expensive due to supply and demand, whereas fall and winter may give a better rate.
  • Any additional services that you add onto the move such as professionals to come in and pack up your house or additional insurance.

How Much Does it Cost to Move?

These are just average estimations, as tons of things can make your move a bit cheaper or slightly higher than the national average. A local household move nationally averages at $1,250. Whereas a long-distance move averages $4,890.

For those who are ready to move, American Moving is here for you. We offer affordable rates for professional service that you are going to be impressed with. We take every move seriously, whether this is across the country or just right down the street. Get a free quote today!

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