pack faster and efficiently

Packing is one of those moving tasks that no one looks forward to, but is a necessity! What most people ask: How do I pack faster and efficiently? There are tons of things that people will tell you to make the packing go faster ranging from getting more organized or even playing some upbeat music to keep you moving faster! These are great tips, and we have a few more than you can add to the list to ensure you pack faster and efficiently!

1. Plan out the packing supplies that you need now!

Make sure that you plan out just what packing supplies that you are going to need now. This way, when you need them, they are already at your home for you to use. This saves precious time that it would take you to go buy new supplies and stop what you are doing.

2. Purge your items.

Purge whatever it is that you do not need when moving into your new home. You will find that it is a waste of time to pack up items that you are not going to use later. Plus, if you are all about packing faster and efficiently, then packing extras of items or old items, is not helping you succeed in this goal.

3. Have a checklist for packing.

Make a checklist for packing that is going to help you stay on tract, thus helping you to pack more efficiently than if you were to try to wing it. This packing checklist may include room by room items that you need to pay special attention to, or it could even be a simple way to stay on task.

4. Be sure that you are still packing items safely.

When you are trying to pack fast, you may find that you start to throw things into a box to move onto the next box. That is not the way to do this efficiently! You still need to ensure that there is sufficient padding in each box to ensure it arrives in one piece at your new location.

5. Make your boxes ready to go.

Go ahead and tape the bottom of several boxes so that you can get into the packing “zone”, rather than having to stop and get another box ready.

6. Mark out a time to pack and do only this.

It can be easy to get distracted when packing and moving. After all, you have several things going through your mind. So focus on the packing. If you find yourself needing to pack for an hour, then taking a 20-minute break, then do this. The key is to do what makes you work more efficiently!

7. Let the professionals do the packing for you.

If you truly want the packing to get done faster and efficiently, then let the professionals handle this move. American Moving has professional packers ready to come into your home and pack it up in a timely manner that will help to relieve your stress as well!