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4 Things to Do 2 Weeks Before a Move

It is only 2 weeks before a move, so what should you be doing? The final 2 weeks before your move date can be hectic! However, with this checklist you can stay a little more organizing and make your moving experience one that is much more pleasant.

Your To-Do List 2 Weeks Before a Move

1. Make travel arrangements

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, you will find that the 2 weeks before a move is the time to make your travel arrangements. This means:

  • Have your personal vehicle checked over and serviced to ensure that it is ready for a long trip, especially if you are moving a few hours away.
  • Are you flying to your new location? If so, be sure that you have your airline tickets.
  • If traveling with pets, be sure that they are ready to ride in their travel cages by introducing this to them during these two weeks. You will find that taking a few short trips around town can help your pets to acclimate to traveling in this capacity.
  • You may also want to take this time to look at your registration and car insurance if you will be moving out of state.

2. Do your last minute errands

These last minute errands can feel like they are going to take forever to do, but they do need to be done. Some of the last minute errands that you may need to do include:

  • Return anything to your local library which may be needed for those with kids
  • Make sure that your prescriptions are filled and ready to transfer to a new pharmacy if needed
  • Do those things that you may need to do to get your security deposit back (if you are renting) such as covering nail holes in the wall

3. Eat from your freezer and pantry to avoid food waste

Be sure that you are eating items from your freezer and pantry to avoid having to toss these, since food items are something that you cannot move. Keep in mind, cans and boxed goods that are unopened, can be moved. However, if you have a freezer full of food you may find that even eating on this for two weeks is not enough. You can find a local food pantry or shelter that would be happy for these donations.

4. Confirm your moving dates with the movers

Be sure that you are getting confirmation on your moving dates with the professionals and making any types of arrangements that they may need. For example, if you are moving out of an apartment complex, you will want to arrange with the building where the moving truck can park without interfering with the other tenants.

Take a Deep Breath

It is only 2 weeks before a move, so it is okay to feel like you are overwhelmed. Take a deep breath and realize that you are entering into the last stretch of this ordeal. If you need to take a little time to de-stress, then take a few hours to do so. If you are still looking for professional movers to help with your move, then reach out to American Moving and we can make it happen. We not only have professional movers that can move your things for you, but we also have professional packers to help with your move…making this an even easier move for you!

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