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3 Tips for Packing a Kids Room

When it comes to kids and moving, you may find that it is a bit of a headache. Kids may not be happy about a move, they may act out, or they may become very upset. And this can be the case for kids of all ages! When it comes to parents moving with their kids, there are tons of challenges that parents are going to face. And one of these challenges is packing up a kids room for a move! The good news is that we have some tips that can help you to get through this process in one piece and hopefully help your kids feel better about this move.

packing a kids room

Tips for Packing a Kids Room

Tip 1: Have kids involved in the packing process

Have your kids be involved in the packing process. Why is this? It helps them to feel more in control and helps to minimize those feelings that everything is changing at warp speed. When it comes to packing a kids’ room, you will find that having them involved can mean that it takes longer, but it is well worth it. Let them help with sorting the items they have in their room, talking about what they may want to give away, what they want to keep, and the like. Younger kids may need a lot of guidance in this process and you may find that you are doing more of the packing, while they play nearby, but it still helps them to feel involved.

Tip 2: Pack their toys in an organized manner

It can be tempting to just throw the toys into a box and hope for the best. However, if they are just thrown into a box, don’t be surprised if parts get lost or toys get broken. Instead, take the time to wrap barbies and action figures individually. For older kids, make sure that they are wrapping their items, mostly electronics probably, in a way that you would wrap your own expensive electronics.

Tip 3: Declutter!

Decluttering should be an essential step for any move, but especially when you are moving with kids. Packing a kids’ room may mean going through their closets, finding clothes and shoes that no longer fit, going through all their games and toys to ensure that broken ones are tossed, and figuring out if there are items that they have outgrown and no longer want. This is a process that is best completed with the kids in the room so that they can have some say so!

Additional Help for Packing

No matter the age of your kids, you will find that packing their rooms can be an emotional time, especially if they have grown up in this location. With this being said, here are some additional tips that can help prepare your kids for moving:

  1. Talk about this move frequently, don’t spring this on kids!
  2. Have an essentials box that they pack. For younger kids, make sure to include several outfits, toys, games and other items that they may want the first night after the movers have left. For older kids, this may include phone chargers, extra clothes and other essentials.
  3. Make your move a journey that these kids are taking, make sure to highlight the new house you are moving into, why it is better, etc. This way, everyone is more comfortable with the end result.

And when you are gearing up for a move, remember that the professionals at American Moving & Storage are just a phone call away. We can aid in making this a simple move where we handle the heavy lifting!

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