Secure Storage for your business storage needs

Need extra business storage for your business move? We have room for you.

Often a commercial or business move requires extra storage during the transition. If you are looking for extra storage for office furniture, business files or equipment, we got you covered. At American Moving, we offer a cost-effective, secure moving & storage service. And, our storage facility is equipped to handle your valuable items and materials. Whether you need three days, two weeks, a month or a year, you can rely on American Moving to safely and securely store your office and commercial items. At American Moving, we offer a cost-effective, secure moving & storage service.

Don’t forget to make sure you have all you need to make the day of the move the most seamless possible and check out our packing supplies and packing and unpacking services.

With business and commercial storage service, we offer:
Short-term storage
Long-term storage
Storage-in-transit for up to 180 days

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We will move mountains for you and make sure your items are safe with us. So if you need more flexibility with your storage needs, simply contact us and we will help.


Excellent move. Short, across town. Super easy. You can go online and get an estimate just by plugging in what you need to have moved. You get a quote (which usually runs high for safety) back immediately then you are linked up with a coordinator. Everything moved swiftly for me even though it was last minute on my part. Either way, they showed up promptly on time when they were expected, were great guys, and moved quickly. Everything was handled delicately and nothing was damaged. This company was great and the next time I have a move, I'll be reaching out to them again.

Professional Movers on this Job: Jason M., Mike T.

Overall the move experience with the Bloomfield CO. American Movers team was successful and satisfactory. The moving team was courteous even though the leader dwelt excessively on the fact that they were short of boxes. It is difficult to determine the contents of a move based on a phone conversation and a list of goods emailed from the customer. I feel a company rep should have visited the address and accessed the contents by sight. This miscommunication is what caused the shortage of boxes. The moving team was hesitant to move glass and other small goods because a. there was no packing materials to wrap and pack glass and b. the time it would take to pack small goods like food would be critical with a shortage of boxes. This resulted in my making 4 separate trips with 3 large plastic to
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Professional Movers on this Job: Jorge B., Eduardo G., Miguel G.

Storage Facility

Your items are protected

When we move you into our storage, the moving blankets, shrink wrap, and all other protection will stay on your furniture. You are also fully insured when you store with American Moving.

Storage Facility

Your belongings are safe with us

You can be assured that nothing will be missing and that everything will be in the same condition when it leaves us as when it came to us. IN FACT, WE GUARANTEE IT! We inventory every item as it arrives in our storage and as it arrives in your new home.

Our secure storage facility includes:

  • 17,000 square feet of climate-controlled storage for all your belongings.
  • 24-hour alarm monitoring with limited access hours and fully supervised access.
  • An inventory list every item as it arrives in our storage and as it arrives in your new home.
  • Special areas for storage of particularly delicate items like antiques, valuable art, books or musical instruments.