6 Fun Facts About Moving

When you think of moving, the term “fun” often doesn’t come to mind. However, there are tons of facts about moving that often surprise people. So, for a little entertainment, be sure to check out these fun facts about moving! 1. How long does a move take? The average move takes over 6 hours! This [...]

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How Much Does It Cost To Move?

One of the first questions that people wonder when they are getting ready to move is how much does it cost to move? The cost of a move is going to vary from move to move, depending upon several aspects. What Determines the Cost of a Move There are several aspects that can affect the [...]

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What Room Should You Pack First When Moving?

What room should you pack first when moving? How soon should you start packing? Moving is a process and for some, it is one of the most stressful events in their lives! However, you can make it less stressful when you handle the packing portion with a well-thought-out plan. Before we answer that question, we [...]

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How to Create a Business Moving Plan

Moving your business to a new location is super stressful...and there is a ton that goes into making this work. The importance of a business moving plan cannot be overstated...it is a must-have! How to Create a Business Moving Plan Once you know that you are moving locations, then it is time to start planning [...]

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Staying Healthy While Moving

Moving is a stressful time, after all many people find that moving ranks right up there with having a death in the family when it comes to the stress that it causes. And we all know that stress can wreck havoc on our health. Staying healthy while moving is something that everyone should strive for. [...]

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How Do I Pack Faster and Efficiently?

Packing is one of those moving tasks that no one looks forward to, but is a necessity! What most people ask: How do I pack faster and efficiently? There are tons of things that people will tell you to make the packing go faster ranging from getting more organized or even playing some upbeat music [...]

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