Questions to Ask Your Mover Before the Big Move

If you are currently on the verge of having to move and you are looking for the right relocation company, making sure that your movers are reliable and professional such as American Moving and Storage it is very important. Here are some questions to ask before making the final decision of choosing one moving company [...]

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Do Mover Recommendations Matter?

Whenever you shop for services, you should be searching for the best service provider and this is no different when you hire movers eithers. The best way to ensure that your movers are, indeed, responsible and trustworthy is to hire them based on recommendations that come either from online sources, such as review websites, forums [...]

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Tips For Moving With Children

Any family passes at least once in their life through the process of relocating. Although you cannot wait starting your life in a new place and you happily think about how you will decorate your favorite corners, when it is time to start organizing the move, the stress will go through the roof and you [...]

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Specialty Crating For Your Fine Art

When you have to relocate, one of your main concerns should be packing your things safely, so that they resist during transportation and the packing-unpacking process without being damaged. This is particularly true when it comes to fine art. Fine art items must be handled with care and require custom crating and handling every step [...]

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Will My Mover Move Our Yard Equipment and Tools?

Every moving company has its own list of items that are not allowed on their trucks. Many moving companies will not include yard equipment and tools on their list of non-allowables specifically, but all movers are very specific about refusing to transport items that are potentially harmful for their trucks and personnel. Here are the [...]

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Should You Hire Your Mover to Unpack After the Move?

The process of relocating involves packing your items at your old place, loading everything onto a truck, then unpacking your items in your new home. In most cases, the packing is done in a hurry and doing it all in a stressful way will make the unpacking process more complicated. While hiring professionals for the [...]

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The Best Way to Pack Breakables

If you are moving house or you need to transport breakable items because you want to offer them as gifts, you surely know that you will need o pay special attention during the packing process. Here are some tips for you to make sure that your fragile items will travel to their destination intact: Use [...]

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Use a Storage Facility for Some Items Before the Big Move

Storage facilities offer indoor and outdoor compartments of various sizes for affordable fees – here is how you can use such compartments to make your relocation process easier: Decluttering your home – the best way to organize the moving process is to start early, with sorting through your items and determining what is clutter and [...]

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Moving is a Great Time to Clean Out Your Closets

When you relocate, you should not only worry about packing items, but also about sorting them. Now is the right time to get rid of many things that you have kept for so long, with no reason… The closets are definitely some of the most crowded places, where many people keep all kinds of clothes [...]

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