Moving during the Holidays

It is not such a great perspective to pack your things and move in a period when others unpack ornaments and presents. However, moving during the holidays is sometimes a part of life and you have to deal with it as best as you can, without allowing it to ruin your holiday spirit. Luckily, with [...]

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Preparing For a Winter Move

  Sort your things out and eliminate what is useless Moving is a great pretext to do a general cleaning and to get rid of all sorts of unnecessary objects that you do not like or no longer use (or never used!). Instead of taking with you everything you have, donate or throw away items [...]

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Tips for Seniors Who Are Moving House

Whether you will be moving to a new home that is similar in size to your current home, you will be downsizing or moving to an assisted living facility, the moving process will require you to make lots of decisions and arrangements. Here are some tips to make it all easier: Start planning early – [...]

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Creating A Moving Checklist That Works For You

Are you about to move in a new home? Then you could surely use a checklist of things you need to do to make the moving process as easy and smooth as possible. Before moving to the new house you need to set out certain things for yourself, i.e. make a very precise plan. The [...]

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Staying Organized While Unpacking After Moving

Moving to a new house is a process that does not end when those who have helped you with moving are gone. The stress and chaos can often extend for several days or weeks. We have prepared some tips on how to stay organized while unpacking. As a general rule, in order to unpack more [...]

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How To Prepare For Your Upcoming Business Space Move

Moving your business to a new location is a time and effort consuming process that cannot be accomplished properly without careful planning. You must start early by assigning tasks to everyone involved in the process and maintain frequent communication. You should consider creating a timeline for all the stages of your upcoming business space move, [...]

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Different Ways To Help Your Movers On Moving Day

You may think that once you hire professional movers, there is no logic behind doing any of the work yourself, which is true. However, helping your movers doesn`t mean doing any of the hard work, but helping them in other ways to get their job done faster, as this will save you money. Disconnect and [...]

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Things to Put on Your Moving Checklist

The experts at American Moving company can help you pack, store and move your belongings from your current home to your new one, but there are still quite a few things you’ll need to handle, on your own, before the big day. Below are just a few of the items you’ll want to add to [...]

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