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Can You Reuse or Recycle Moving Boxes?

When you are done moving, when you have unpacked all the boxes and bags that you used for the moving process and your new place is neat and orderly, you are surely wondering what to do with your moving boxes. Many of them are probably in good condition, still useful, offering sturdiness and safety for [...]

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Tips for Moving in Colorado this Winter

Winter is the most difficult period of the year in Colorado – the Centennial State is known for its harsh winters that come with heavy snowing, slippery roads and freezing weather. These conditions make relocation projects more difficult, too – if you cannot postpone the move until the weather turns warm, here is how to [...]

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Should You Hire Your Mover to Unpack After the Move?

The process of relocating involves packing your items at your old place, loading everything onto a truck, then unpacking your items in your new home. In most cases, the packing is done in a hurry and doing it all in a stressful way will make the unpacking process more complicated. While hiring professionals for the [...]

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Tips for Finding A Mover During the Busy Season

The peak period in the moving industry is usually between June and August – that’s when the weather is nice, the days are long and the road conditions are favourable. While finding movers in winter, spring and fall is fairly easy, if you need movers in the summer, you will need a strategic approach – [...]

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Bubble Wrap or Dish Pack?

Bubble wraps and dish packs are two of the safest, most impact resistant packaging supplies – bubble wraps are a type of foil that has small, air-filled blisters that absorb any shock or blow sustained by your package, while dish packs are boxes made from special, reinforced, impact-resistant cardboard to protect even the most fragile [...]

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The Best Way to Pack Breakables

If you are moving house or you need to transport breakable items because you want to offer them as gifts, you surely know that you will need o pay special attention during the packing process. Here are some tips for you to make sure that your fragile items will travel to their destination intact: Use [...]

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Use a Storage Facility for Some Items Before the Big Move

Storage facilities offer indoor and outdoor compartments of various sizes for affordable fees – here is how you can use such compartments to make your relocation process easier: Decluttering your home – the best way to organize the moving process is to start early, with sorting through your items and determining what is clutter and [...]

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What to Expect During Your Winter Move

Relocating your entire household in winter definitely poses some difficulties and can be more complicated than relocating when the weather is safe – the roads are slippery, moving your items outdoors temporarily to have more space for packing is impossible and you will need to drag your boxes and bags through snow, mud and slurry [...]

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