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The Best Ways to Reduce Stress During Your Move

If you are planning to move home soon, you need to be prepared to endure a certain amount of stress. Fortunately, the stress that you are exposed to during the process can be significantly reduced with a calm, strategic approach – here is how: Take the time to declutter – clutter causes mess and stress. [...]

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Are Moving Boxes Recyclable?

Moving boxes are common and essential supplies used for safely packing fragile items – whether you use boxes of various sizes obtained from the nearby shops and stores or you buy your boxes in stationery shops, the cardboard boxes are items that you cannot go without during your move. However, the life of your moving [...]

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Should You Hire Your Mover to Pack Your Belongings?

Moving is a huge and exhausting project, especially if your household is large and you also work full-time. Many people who know what moving house means say that the hardest part is not the actual process of loading your packed items onto the moving truck and covering the distance between your old home and your [...]

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Questions to Ask Your Mover Before the Big Move

If you are currently on the verge of having to move and you are looking for the right relocation company, making sure that your movers are reliable and professional such as American Moving and Storage it is very important. Here are some questions to ask before making the final decision of choosing one moving company [...]

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Do Mover Recommendations Matter?

Whenever you shop for services, you should be searching for the best service provider and this is no different when you hire movers eithers. The best way to ensure that your movers are, indeed, responsible and trustworthy is to hire them based on recommendations that come either from online sources, such as review websites, forums [...]

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What is an Insured Mover?

Hiring a moving company that is not only insured, but also offers insurance for your planned relocation is the best way to ensure that you will be compensated in case your belongings are lost or damaged while they are in the care of your moving company. Here are a few things that you should know [...]

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Tips to Stay Organized During Your Upcoming Move

Moving to a new home is surely exciting, but the process of packing everything, arranging for the relocation of the utilities, picking and hiring the right movers will surely add some stress to all that excitement and anticipation. Staying organized during the entire process is essential for keeping stress to the minimum – here are [...]

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Tips for Preparing for Your Upcoming Spring Move

Spring is the best time for many things, moving included – the weather is stable and warm, but not too hot, the road conditions are great for moving even on long distances and you don’t have to do all the packing inside. However, spring moves require preparations that are just as thorough as in other [...]

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Why A Licensed And Insured Mover Is Your Best Option

As pleasant is the thought of living into a new home, just as stressful is the relocation process itself. During our life, we ​​gather in the house a lot of things, more or less useful, which we keep rather because of their potential use instead of their actual use. When it comes to packing, handling [...]

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Tips For Moving With Children

Any family passes at least once in their life through the process of relocating. Although you cannot wait starting your life in a new place and you happily think about how you will decorate your favorite corners, when it is time to start organizing the move, the stress will go through the roof and you [...]

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