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52 Items To Never Pack When Moving

Moving is a hectic time and it can be easy to think that you should pack everything and anything for your move, however, there are tons of things that you should never pack when moving! Why are there things that you cannot pack when moving with professional movers? There are rules and laws that professional movers have to abide by when they are moving anyone. These rules are in place to ensure that everyone, including the professional movers, are safe when moving.

What Should You Never Pack When Moving?

There are several things that are on the no-pack list when you are moving. It is important to remember what these items are so that you have no surprises when it comes to your moving day.

Here are a list of 50+ items that your movers are not going to move for you, as they can be hazardous to move!

1. Paint

2. Charcoal

3. Motor oil

4. Kerosene

5. Anti-freeze

6. Fireworks

7. Solvents

8. SCUBA Tanks

9. Pool chemicals

10. Muriatic acid

11. Pesticides

12. Weed killer

13. Nitric acid

14. Cleaning supplies

15. Batteries with acid

16. Bleach

17. Living plants

18. Guns and ammunition

19. Perishable food

20. Ammonia

21. Pets (yes, we have to include that, there are companies that transport pets for you)

22. Acids

23. Car batteries or lawnmower batteries

24. Fire extinguisher

25. Nail polish remover

26. Poisons of any kind

27. Lamp oil

28. Chemistry sets (even a kids chemistry set)

29. Matches

30. Darkroom chemicals

31. Laptops

32. Sterno

33. Fertilizer

34. Nail polish

35. Gasoline

35. Propane tanks

36. Paint thinner

37. Pain thinner

38. Aerosols

39. Lighter fluid

There are also some things that you may want to move on your own rather than letting the professionals handle this if only for your peace of mind that is not really considered dangerous. These items include:

40. Jewelry

41. Checkbooks

42. Cash

43. Financial statements

44. Keys

45. Medications

46. Cell phones

47. Tablets and other electronics

48. Medical records

49. Family heirlooms or other irreplaceable items

50. Photos

51. Airline tickets

52. Important documents like your birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

If you have items that you question whether or not to pack for your professional movers, we are here to answer your questions. If you have booked a move with American Moving and have these types of questions, reach out to us as we want to ensure that your move is stress-free!

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